Letting Go of Accumulating Stuff on Earth Day

Ever since we are born, we seem to be accumulating stuff. We began accumulating toys, clothes, books, pictures, crafts and movies. We witnessed everyone else around us accumulating stuff too — everything from purses to cars, from jewelry to decorations, and from games to tools. It seems like stuff was always a big big part of life.

Buying stuff and seeking new stuff to buy has become a hobby or a habit that many don’t consciously realize they have. Always waiting for the new ads to come out to see what’s on sale. Yearning to replace something for something better — like a smaller TV for a bigger one or an old car for the newest model.

a constant flood of consumer goods can baffle the heart st fraoncisWhenever you watch TV, scroll around social media, or listen to the radio you are faced with a constant barrage of manipulative ads that are trying to encourage you to buy something. They use means that make you feel small, unworthy or unattractive unless you have this product or that one. Even news stations, both radio and TV, report with excitement the newest products that have been recently released.

These is so much emphasis on STUFF that we are actually manipulated to be a part of the accumulating society. We feel the pressure from friends, social media posts, family and even the government.

With all this focus on things every since we have been children, it’s easy to understand why we are in the state we are. It’s become a part of us. When something is a part of us, it is very hard to let go — especially it’s a part of almost every area of who we are. Stuff has become a part of our daily thought process, our emotional state as we become emotionally attached to our stuff, our worth, and so on.

Think about how hard it is to let go of your things. It’s draining! You have to talk yourself into it, deal with your emotions, deal with others not understanding why and then if you do get rid of something you are wanting to replace it with something else.

All of this stuff has been robbing us of so much and we don’t often realize it until its too late — if we even realize it at all.

  • Think of all the time you have to work to buy your stuff. All of that time could have been spent with your family, friends, helping others or doing something else that makes you feel good deep down.
  • Think about all of the money you spent on your stuff. What else could you have done with that?
  • Think about all of the times you used stuff to make you look better, when you really wish that people recognized who you were as a person instead.
  • Think about how stuff is used to make others feel worse than others. “Mine is better than yours” simply divides people instead of bringing them together.
  • Think of all the time you need to take care of your stuff. Cleaning, maintaining, and repairing. This time could be better spent in some way.
  • Think about some of the items you cling too and they bring back miserable memories that make you feel sad or angry.
  • Think of how long you study about a product instead of learning about a new friend.
  • Think about how rich you are making big corporations while you are struggling day to day.
  • Think about how much trash all of this stuff creates.
  • Think about all of the pollution that is caused by all of the stuff that is produced.
  • Think about how much time you spend looking for the person outfit, phone, car, jewelry, or something other item. How much time throughout your life have you spent doing this. This time could have been spent learning, helping, bonding or experiencing something amazing about life.
  • Think about how this stuff does not care about you.
  • Think about how this stuff takes up so much space in your dwelling.
  • Think about this: Would you rather someone admire you because you are excellent at doing something or because you own something really cool? Think about this deep down, not on the surface level.
  • Think about how less you would feel stress.
  • Think about this: All of that stuff you have spent so much time and money on buying — is that the stuff you would want to write a book about to share with your grandchildren one day? Or would you rather share them stories of experiences in your life. Would you want to create a movie showing others your stuff or your experiences?
  • Think about how all of this stuff takes you away from the dreams that you have in your heart.

Of course, stuff is nice and does have a place. There is nothing wrong with having beautiful furniture, nice clothes, great books, pictures, and other items that bring us some joy and comfort. It’s when this stuff takes up too much of our time, focus, emotions, money and other resources that can be spent in better ways that will bring better fulfillment in our lives.

If only we were trained to be more aware of our connections with others instead of desiring more things. Imagine how the quality of our relationships would improve. Imagine how much less tension we would all experience.

Think about your relationship with stuff and be honest with yourself. If it has been and is taking you away from a better life, it’s time for a change. Changes, of course, can be challenging. But you can certainly do it! Sometimes you may need help. So ask a friend, a family member or you can ask me. You can also subscribe to my newsletter for tips that only my newsletter subscribers receive.

It’s time to invest less in stuff and to invest in yourself!!

invest in yourself