Motivational Speaking for Keynotes or Breakouts

Ditch Your Self-Doubt, Build Your Confidence.
Be inspired to erase self-doubt and become more confident in your daily life, relationships, career, and your goals.

Your Thoughts Matter. 
What you think about everyday matters. Personal stories showing the power of your thoughts and how they can influence your relationships, decisions and emotional patterns.

Overcoming Abandonment
This presentation is perfect for groups of people that were abandoned by those important to them.

From Victim to Thriver
This presentation is for forum or conferences for victim, self-improvement or deep healing. Most victims think about becoming a survivor, but I show them they can be morev- they can be thrive.


Corporate Speaking for Keynotes or Breakouts

Ditch Your Doubt, Build Your Confidence. 
Be inspired to ditch your doubt and to build the confidence to go after your career dreams.

Your Thoughts Matter
How you think about your job, career, employees, co-workers or anything else regarding your career affects your actions and how you feel. Your thoughts determine your emotional state, the decision you make and how you interact with others. There is slideslow as well as take home worksheet for further enhancement of thought patterns.

Workshops for either personal development or career.

Anger Management

Employee bonding

Brainstorming for creativity.

Learning to Love.

Trust yourself

Breaking Habits

Rekindle Your Communication.

Stress Reduction.


Is what you are looking for not here? Reach out to me via this contact form with your idea and I will see if I can accommodate your needs. As an experienced life coach for 20 years, I can cover a variety of topics for both business and self-improvement. I can control audiences from 1 to 500.