What is Beautiful to You?

I just sat down to write a blog about our beautiful world.

As soon as I did, sirens fired off. There must have been an accident or some other type of emergency. Someone needed help.

Most people, upon hearing sirens, often wish the sound would stop because it is annoying or they will cringe as they begin to worry about who it is that might be hurt or feel some sort of  immediate tension. I state most, because I know not everyone reacts this way.

I enjoy this sound. This sound to me delivers hope.

Getting hurt, fires, accidents, sicknesses, death, ect are all parts of life. This is a fact.

We all know that these things are going to happen.

We know there are going to be sirens when some of these situations occur. Instead of being tensed in some way when they sound off, how about feeling thankful and hopeful that there are people out there helping these people in need.

Here is a little poem that I just wrote about Sirens:

Sirens, to me, are beautiful. 
They make music that pull the strings
of my heart and soul

reminding me of the flow of life,
the melody of compassion-
softening my eyes.

Do you see beauty in sirens?

What Makes Something Beautiful?

“Beauty in things exists in the mind which contemplates them.” David Hume

We make something beautiful by the way we think and feel about it. We have a choice in the way we look at something. We can choose to see a mushroom as a fungus and disgusting. Or we can choose to see it as something that is curious in shape, amazingly healing and unique in taste–all which make it beautiful.

“Beauty is in the heart of the beholder.”  H.G. Wells

I think the mountaintop against a blue sky with white fluffy clouds are one of the most beautiful sites I have ever seen. I could stare at the skyline for hours in complete joy and peace.

I think a person crying is beautiful. Its raw truth of emotion. That to me is absolutely breathtaking. And, the feelings that I feel in empathy or compassion for that person is beautiful.

The sound of birds chirping in the morning is one of the most prettiest sounds I ever heard. I imagine they are welcoming me to another day.

“Beauty awakens the soul to act.” Dante Alighieri 
When seeing something as beautiful, we feel better inside-our organs are not stressed, our heart feels more at ease, and our spirits are uplifted.
When we feel better, our vibrations are very contagious. When we feel better our performance excels, our confidence is boosted and we age slower.
When you see yourself feeling unempowered, please look for beauty in something around you, or perhaps something within you. :)
Make sure you visit here again tomorrow to discover or revisit some of the beautiful wonders our world.

Your Turn

What is especially beautiful to you? Do you see something that is uncommonly beautiful to others, yet beautiful to you? If so, please share that too.

Much beauty to you,
Joanne Cipressi, CHt, CNLP
Empowerment Personal Coach and Speaker


  1. Wade

    Beauty? Noses, their uniqueness to each; big, small, wide, narrow, bumped, doesn’t really matter. I like noses for some odd reason. I like the way their use can trigger memories. They are the first thing most people see, yet try to look past. They hold glasses, and get in the way during kissing. I like noses. Rain. Some see rain as an inconvenience, as a burden to overcome, something to avoid and stay out of. I like the way it makes the world smell clean and fresh. It washes the plants, the buildings, the cars, it gives them all new life. Lighting storms, tendrils running across a dark menacing sky. Just static electricity on an amazing scale, the ginormoity of the amounts of power released, just boggles my limited mind.

    Beauty is all around, in the unexpected, in the new and old, in the past and the future. We just have to keep our eyes & minds open to see it.

  2. For me beautiful have the attitude inside and out. having the beauty but doesn’t have the attitude may be part of their mask.
    TracyAnn0312 recently posted..Bnei BaruchMy Profile

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