War Is Over – Can it Ever Be?

war is overSome songs for the Christmas season make you want to get up and dance.

Some encourage you to think back to your young childhood, setting out milk and cookies for Santa, hoping to get a peek at him and getting up early to open up a ton of presents under the tree.

Others open your heart for you to reflect on others and your life, building appreciation for both. This song does this for me. Every time I hear it, I pause and reflect on my life, how we are all connected to each other and how I can be a better person for myself and others.

When I was found this video on YouTube, I was taken back by the images of the video. They made me reflect even more on other people and what they may be experiencing. Sure, my life was horrific in many ways, but what I viewed in these images are terrifying experiences that go beyond anything that I or most of you have even first hand witnessed in our lives.

According to Wikipedia, “the lyric (Was is Over) is based on a campaign in late 1969 by Lennon and Ono, who rented billboards and posters in eleven major cities around the world that read: “WAR IS OVER! (If You Want It) Happy Christmas from John and Yoko”. In 1971, the United States was deeply entrenched in the unpopular Vietnam War. The line “War is over, if you want it, war is over, now!”, as sung by the background vocals, was taken directly from the billboards.”

We are in war now too. However, President Obama announced that the “war in Irag will soon belong to history“. There are still about 20,000 troops in Irag as of Thanksgiving. I know we are all waiting for this war to be completely finished and to have all of our American troops back home.

As much as I am thankful for all our troops and their dedication to our safety, let’s hope there are no more new wars next year, nor the years to come….so can proudly proclaim that “War is Over” and we can all truly enjoy a Happy Christmas year after year.

There is still a problem though. Can was ever be over? 

Even when this War is Over, there is still war all around us. Between individuals, when we think hateful thoughts of one another. Also within ourselves, we fight ourselves.

This is a problem.

As long as there is fighting and hateful thoughts of others and ourselves, we are breeding war.

So, as you listen and reflect on this song, think about what you can do to stop the war inside your own self and the negative thoughts that you think about others. As John Lennon said, “The War is Over If YOU Want it.”

“Another year over, a new one just begun.” Is this new year going to be different for you? Are you going to stop fighting with yourself and others?


Happy Xmas by John Lennon 
So this is Christmas and what have you done,
Another year over, a new one just begun.

And so this is Christmas, I hope you have fun,
The near and the dear ones, the old and the young.

A very merry Christmas and a happy New Year
Let’s hope it’s a good one without any fears.

And so this is Christmas for weak and for strong,
The rich and the poor ones, the road is so long.

And so happy Christmas for black and for white
For the yellow and red ones let’s stop all the fights.

A very merry Christmas and a happy New Year
Let’s hope it’s a good one without any fear.

And so this is Christmas and what have we done
Another year over, a new one just begun.

And so happy Christmas we hope you have fun
The near and the dear ones, the old and the young.

A very merry Christmas and a happy New Year
Let’s hope it’s a good one without any fear.

War is over if you want it, war is over now.


Do you believe we can ever stop the fighting that happens within ourselves and with others? Is it possible? If so, how?


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Much love,
Joanne Cipressi, CHt, CNLP
Empowerment Coach and Speaker

About Joanne Cipressi

Joanne Cipressi is an Intuitive Empowerment Coach that has been in helping people on their path of mental and emotion wellness after traumatic experiences such as abuse and tragedy, building healthy relationships, finding true love and even weight loss since 1994. She is a Certified Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified NLP Practitioner, Certified Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychologist, Time Line Therapist, a Reiki Master and Intuitive Energy Healer. Between her personal journey, her experience with helping others and her educational training, she has created a very unique approach to healing others through retraining the way they think, feel and move through life. To learn more, you can either call her at 267-266-6480 or email her at joannecipressi@gmail.com

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One Response to War Is Over – Can it Ever Be?

  1. TracyAnn0312 April 25, 2012 at 8:32 am #

    War can be over if we are willing to stop it. In other words, there are different ways so that we cannot hurt each other. Talking is one of the best way. If we include our emotion in doing things that can lead us to failure, then maybe war can never be stopped.
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