“Toxic People” – Harsh Phrase or Harsh Reality? Part 2

This is a continuation of part one. So, please read that first to fully understand this article.
Toxins Affect (Poison) the Body
We all have heard about toxins having the power to pollute our air, water supply and even our bodies. Some of these toxins are used regularly like pesticides, herbicides, toxins found in plastics, fluoride, heavy metals, EMFs, and so many more.
These toxins can affect our body, emotions, and mind in subtle ways or in dramatic ways.
These types of toxins can make you tired, feel aches and pain, have intestinal issues, develop allergies, experience mental fog, and a plethora of other burdens. They cause exactly what the above definitions state.
But, these symptoms do not show up in everyone immediately. Sometime they take time. When these symptoms of “poisoning” do surface,  they show up in different levels in each person.  There are many factors that determine how toxins affect each individual like quantity, quality and temperatures of the toxins, as well as the health stability of the person exposed.
Let’s reflect on Fluoride. 
Fluoride a substance that most Americans consume everyday. Fluoride is found within the earth along with other minerals and is naturally found in sea water. Fluoride is also found in the body. Research has shown that there are approximately 2- 3 grams of fluoride are in the body. In addition, our bones and teeth contain fluoride.
We have been brought up to learn that fluoride is needed to maintain healthy bones and teeth. We are taught that fluoride can protect teeth from the acid that is formed when bacteria combines with sugars in the mouth. If teeth have already been damaged by this acid, fluoride provides remineralization.
Many people consider fluoride to be a beneficial substance. Yet, it is a known toxin that is on the listen in theCDC’s website as a toxic substance:
“Dental products used in the home such as toothpastes, rinses, and topically applied gels contain high concentrations of fluoride (range 230-12,300 ppm) and are not intended to be ingested. The most commonly used dental products, toothpastes, contain 900-1,100 ppm fluoride (ca. 0.10%), most often as sodium fluoride. If you swallow these products, you will be exposed to higher levels of fluoride.”
“Small amounts of fluoride are added to toothpaste or drinking water to help prevent dental decay. However, exposure to higher levels of fluoride may harm your health. Skeletal fluorosis can be caused by eating, drinking, or breathing very large amounts of fluorides. This disease only occurs after long-term exposures and can cause denser bones, joint pain, and a limited range of joint movement. In the most severe cases, the spine is completely rigid.”
“If you eat large amounts of sodium fluoride at one time, it can cause stomachaches, vomiting, and diarrhea. Extremely large amounts can cause death by affecting your heart.”
Fluoride is toxic. That is a fact. The properties of fluoride that can be beneficial for us, also offer harmful side effects in our body.
There are some people who I have chatted with, when I was heavily involved with holistic healing, that refuse to accept that fluoride is a toxin and will debate as to why we should not worry about the side effects that is can cause. They only focus on the positive benefits. Then, there are some people that will take precautions not to swallow toothpaste, but yet will drink fluoride water. Regardless of what these people “believe”, the fact of the matter is that fluoride is toxic…even though there are some beneficial qualities to this substance.
So, how does all of this relate with using that phrase “Toxic People”? Click here for the last part of this Toxic People reflection.
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