Retraining Your Mind to Embrace the Silence

Does silence drive you crazy?

Are you one of thousands of people who feel the need to fill the silence?

Do you tend to feel awkward when there is silence when you are with others?

This feeling of not being comfortable in silence is due to your own personal training of your mind and emotions. We were born being appreciating silence, but somewhere along the way we, often due to tragic or troubling experiences,  we trained ourselves to run away from our thoughts.

Now it is time to retrain your mind and emotions to embrace what you were once born to enjoy.

Here are 4 tips to help you retrain your mind so that you can learn to tolerate and even embrace the silence. Baby steps are the key here.

Often when people want to learn to embrace silence and jump full force into silence, they can n0t handle it. If this is the case for you, start with these tips that have helped me and my clients:

1. Eat at least one meal in silence. Make sure that music and TV is turned off. Turn off the volume of your smartphone so you do not interrupted by messages, calls and email updates. Avoid any conversations with others. Focus completely on the food that you are eating. Enjoy the aroma, texture, colors and flavor. Anytime you notice that you mind wanders away, simply remind yourself that you are focusing on your food.

2. Take a walk. Visit a local park or walk around the block without headphones and music. Embrace the trees, flowers and birds, as well as the feel of the breeze as you walk.

These two tips will help retrain your mind to be in the moment with your thoughts. This is important for your relationships and your personal health because it takes you away from worry, regret and resentment.

The next two tips will help you learn to face those thoughts that keep coming up that may need facing or healing. When you are able to listen to your own thoughts and not run from them, they do not have a reason to return.

3. Commit to sitting in silence for a very short time for just a minute or two to begin with. Before you begin, have two strategies prepared just in case you feel as if you are falling apart.

– Put your hand on your heart and remind yourself that you are simply listening to your own thoughts and that your thoughts can not harm you. Tell yourself this several times, especially anytime you begin to feel emotions that seem scary. Remind yourself that you are still living and will continue to.

– Have a breathing technique prepared so you can center yourself if needed. If you would like me to share one with you, email me at I will be happy to share one that I teach my clients.

After facing your thoughts for just a minute or two, distract yourself with a walk or jumping jacks. If you need to, even watch TV. After practice of taking a minute or two with your thoughts, you will be able to embrace more time with your thoughts and feel at peace listening to yourself without needing a distraction.

4. Seek help. Seeking help from an experienced coach or therapist that is skilled at helping others with their own thoughts is extremely beneficial. You will have support that is very much needed and experience from a person who has been through this struggle. There are many wonderful coaches that can help. I offer VIP days and individual coaching sessions where you can learn to experience inner peace. I teach you how to feel safe with your thoughts and emotions so you no longer need to run away from your thoughts on a regular basis. When you work with me, you are not simply paying for my time, but for my experience of almost two decades of self-healing and guiding others to experience inner peace.

Regardless of the path that you take to embrace silence and to be comfortable with your own thoughts and emotions, remember that most often baby steps are most beneficial.

It is never too late to retrain your thought patterns and your emotional patterns. You deserve it to yourself and those that love you to care for yourself.

Your thoughts are very powerful and how you react to these thoughts affect your emotions and relationships. Make sure your thoughts and your reactions to them are working for you and not against you.

Much peace and love to you,


  1. I love silence)) Living in a big city is usually comprised with lots of different sounds – here and there, every single minute.
    That’s why I love sitting by the fire somewhere in the middle of nowhere and watching stars in the sky.

  2. I love the silence. I love my moments of solitude. These are the moments I can just be with me and at one with everything. These are the moments I can clear the chaos and just breathe, enjoy life’s magnificence, and just bask in the glory of it all in quiet gratitude.

    I definitely need to make some time for that today. Thank you for the reminder. :)

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