Relationship Help

If you are, I am going to make the assumption that you are in need of help in your relationship. You may feel lost and you may not know what to do to reconcile your relationship. You may feel distance from the partner you once felt so in love with and this really hurts. You may feel betrayed and want to attempt to heal the relationship. Or perhaps the romance has lessoned and you want to rekindle it. Perhaps, the reason you are here is something more.

Love. Partnership. Connection. Those are so important to us. We all seek them and we all desire them. But, for many people, they are not very good at being in a relationship. The reasons vary from person to person. It can due to beliefs, betrayals, fear, not knowing how to love, unbalanced emotions, or a variety of other reasons. You may not even know the reasons or you may know some. But, whatever the case is you want to help your relationship.

Relationships are wonderful. We know that and that is why we desire them. But, when they fall apart, this can bring great pain that interrupts the rest of our lives. As your relationship coach, I work with either one partner or both. We discuss what your concerns are, your history together, where you are now and where you want to be as a couple. I learn about your beliefs, habits, fears, emotional states and more so I can know how to best help you. Then, I help you learn to love, connect, bond and be great partners once again — and even better than before.

How do Relationship Coaching Work?

Since each relationship is different and has different needs, I offer several options for relationships.

  1. 8 Week Relationship Coaching Makeover – This is for the couple that has light day to day concerns and struggles. Nothing too serious yet, but you can feel the passion fading and the communication is not as strong. You still feel some love and desire, but they are not as present as you would like them to be.
  2. Session to Session Relationship Coaching – This is for the couple that is having more serious concerns like cheating, often fighting, arguing, feelings of contempt for each other, and other serious relationships blocks. Those considering separation or divorce would do session to session.
  3. Relationship Rekindle Weekend – This is for the couple that wants to learn to connect deeper and on a more intimate level. They want to build a stronger emotional bond and passion.
  4. Relationship Immersion 1 or 2 day – This is for the couple that needs intense coaching to break through barriers that are strong and thick. This is intense 6 to 8 hour days – either one or two — where we focus on tearing down the walls and rebuilding tight bonds. It’s intense and very emotional, but has the power to unite and connect. Both partners need to be willing and show desire to really improve their relationship.
  5. Rekindle Your Romance Workshops – There are small group workshops for couples that want to rekindle their relationship and deepen their connection. These are typically two day workshops at bed and breakfasts. If you want to host one, please reach out.

What is the cost?

  • Individual sessions are $125 for an hour. Call for rates for 8 week, weekend and immersion sessions.


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