Learn to Enjoy Your Life More

“Life is to be enjoyed, not endured.” ~ Gordon Hinckley

Have you reflected on your own life and how you feel and think about it?

How you feel and think about your life truly matters. How you feel affects what you do, say, how you sleep, your relationships, and the choices you make each second.

Here are three areas of your life to examine. These three areas have a great impact on the enjoyment level of your life.

How do you wake up each morning?

When I talk with a client that is struggling with enjoying his or her life, I usually inquire about their mindset and feelings when they wake up for their day. How you wake up has a great affect on how you enjoy your day.

When you wake up in the morning, how do you feel?

Are you excited about your day or do you dread the day?

Do you begin worrying about all that needs to be done for the day or do you feel a peace and welcome the day?

I have learned that how we welcome a day does affect what experiences we have. The vibrations that we send out are returned back to us. If you wake up welcoming the day and being thankful for another day to live, imagine the day’s journey compared to waking up and being annoyed because you have to get up.

Suggestion: If you wake up refreshing and looking forward to the day, wonderful! However, if you wake up dreading, regretting, resenting, or some other negative heavy feeling, allow yourself to lay in your bed for a few minutes to transform your thoughts and emotions. This may be challenging in the beginning stages, but with consistent effort in this area you are training your mind and emotions to start your day off in a liberating manner.

What do you think and how do you feel about yourself?

Do you constantly worry about your weight, your nose, hairline, or another part of your appearance?

Do you put yourself down in some way?

Do you call yourself names?

Do you focus on your special gifts, skills and talents or do you tend to focus on what you can not do and feel defeated?

If you have lower self-esteem it is very challenging to enjoy your days because you tend to hide your true self and not allow yourself to shine. Conversely if you have amazing self-confidence, you tend to enjoy your interactions with others more, eat healthier, and take better care of yourself.

Suggestion: When you find yourself putting yourself down, find a way to appreciate that which you are putting down. For example, I work with a lot of clients on self-esteem and many of them have a hard time accepting their nose. Many have complained about how it sticks out so far that they feel like it is all people see when they look at them. Since they can not change their nose, finding a way to appreciate it greatly helps them. Appreciating the way it allows them to enjoy the smell of home made apple pie or the scent of the person they love certainly brings more enjoyment to life than worrying about what it looks like. Also appreciating that their nose allows them to be warned of skunks nearby or issues with their car is more beneficial than caring about people who are shallow enough to judge your nose!

What friends do you keep?

Who you interact with on a regular basis greatly impacts your enjoyment of life.

What kind of friends do you keep?

Are they people who are upbuilding and encouraging of your goals, life and choices or people that pick at your clothes, your appearance and laugh at your goals?

Do they tend to gossip about others or focus on ways to help others?

Do they inspire you with their ideas and actions or do they tend to be the “woe is me” and complaining type?

When you begin to enjoy your life more, do they tend to be negative about it or are they encouraging of your journey?

When being belittled constantly, it is challenging to enjoy your time with the person belittling.

When hearing criticisms about other people, like gossip, the mood of the conversation is usually not upbuilding, but tiring.

On the contrary, when being inspired and encouraged to live out your dreams, your enjoyment level tends to heighten.

Remember life to be enjoyed, not endured. Ask yourself, “Are you enjoying your relationships or enduring them?”

Suggestion: Teach people how to treat you and the types of interactions you want to have with them. It is best to do this in the beginning of a relationship. However, if you currently have friendships with those that are tiring and you dread seeing, but wish to improve, you can still teach them how to treat you. This may be a bit challenging, but can be successful and very rewarding.

These are just three areas that can impact your enjoyment levels. If you master these three areas, you will experience a more rewarding journey and enjoy your life on a whole new level.

There are so many other ways to enjoy your life more, like living in the moment, caring for your health, and others. What do you do that makes your life more enjoyable?

Your Turn: What enables you to enjoy your life more? Living in the moment, exercising, or what else? Please share below. 



  1. Excellent post with great tips for staying focused on positivity and building a life that supports your dreams. Life is only as hard as we make it. It is choice in action that turns it all around. :)
    Shelley Lundquist recently posted..From Me to We With LoveMy Profile

  2. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post Joanne. I needed a shot of positivity today since I’ve been feeling a bit off lately. Also, this quote rings true: “Life is to be enjoyed, not endured.” ~ Gordon Hinckley
    Shaun Hoobler recently posted..hot penny stocksMy Profile

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