Its OK to Feel Hurt

We all get hurt so bad that it cuts so deep that we wonder if the wounds will ever heal.

This pain is all so real.

Please don’t try to run away frosadnessm these feelings.

Remember, its ok to feel the hurt.

Its ok to feel this pain.

You should never feel ashamed.

You should never feel afraid to feel.

Its ok that we live in these moments and fall apart for a short time.

Its ok to scream, fall down and cry and weep

This does not make you weak

It make your strong.

We have these feelings in us that get hurt…they are a part of who we are.

So why do we run away from and avoid those feelings?

Please stop that.

Allowing these feelings to flow through us is where we experience true healing.

Then we are able to move and experience then joy and peace of mind in the next moment, day, week.

Joanne Cipressi, CHt, CNLP
Personal Empowerment Coach
Joanne Cipressi is a heart based and passionate coach that is an expert in re-programming mind and emotion patterns for self-esteem, healthy relationships, career success, and vibrant health. She is located in Bucks County and coaches one-on-one in the entire Philadelphia area, as well as nationally via Skype and Phone. She travels as well. She offers hourly one-on-one sessions, 4 and 8 hour transformational sessions, weekend immersions sessions for dramatic life changes, as well as others programs. Contact her at 267-266-6480 or email her at to feel great about your life.


  1. Hello Joanne ,

    First timer on your excellent blog. I was drawn by the title of this article which I saw in twitter and felt I had to come by and read it. I am glad I did, even though pain can be well… painful and in this article you deal with this subject.

    But as you say, it’s ok to feel hurt. Not only that, under normal circumstances, it is helpful for our own recovery to give in to the hurt, let it wash over us. If we were computers, I would say that it allows us reboot.

    We all go through pains. It is part of life and the the other side of joy! They remind us that beyond the grieving, life awaits us,vibrant and full of hope.

    Keep the Smiles,

    Stevie Smith recently posted..Young Loving Woman Ready To Meet A Nice Man…My Profile

  2. Hey Stevie,

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I am honored that you stopped by. Yes, giving into the hurt is so vital for the healing process. I have seen that if you push the pain away, hide it, run away from it, etc….a person never truly heals from the experiences that cause this hurt. It will remain and affect your life until it is lived through.

    When you learn to embrace the emotional pains that come with life and when you really put yourself there in the moment of what is happening, these feelings are beautiful as well as those most of us typically strive to achieve like happiness, contentment, peace and so on.

    Thanks again for stopping by!
    Joanne Cipressi recently posted..Why is Trust Vital in a RelationshipMy Profile

  3. So why do we run away from and avoid those feelings?

    What a great question Joanne, perhaps some of our initial reaction is from that annoying but sometimes saving reptilian brain. It starts as a reaction and then gets fed with the idea that we can outrun the pain. But In the end the pain is like a cloud, seemingly sitting over our heads never moving, we get stuck in its shade unknowing that all the time we run we are just running under the cloud and its shadow.

    So we must stop and take in the experience, acknowledge the pain, understand the feeling, a feeling that is real, and begs to be acknowledged and listened to.

    We must see that this feeling is not not just pain (or failure), but also an experience full of lessons. Lessons that will offer dividends for life.

    Whether loss of a loved one, a job, a relationship, a feeling of failure or dispair, there is always the nourishment within the experience. It may talk time for it to appear, but it will, and it will bring you new strength to live a stronger and more passionate life than before.

    Pain is scary to think of, not great to have to experience, but once you live through it, know it will create deep growth within. Live through it, cry, scream, weep, talk, work through it, acknowledge it. Know that pain does not discriminate between man or woman, it is real and we all feel it. It takes time and work, but in the end you will be stronger for it.

    Great post Joanne thanks,

    Simon Harvey recently posted..Yachts and ownership in terms of balance☯My Profile

    • Simon,

      Sorry for taking so long to reply. So, glad I came here today to review this blog. What a great answer to my question. People do tend to think they can outrun their pain and leave it all behind. However, as you stated the reality is that that cloud will forever be there unless we allow it to flow through us.

      I have come to enjoy hurt, pain and other so called negative emotions for the reasons that you explained, as well as others. We do learn so much from our experience, as well as our hurt. There is also so much beauty in our sadness and other forms of being hurt—as long as we do not hang on them (another topic for another article). This beauty is just as beautiful as being rejoiced, just in a different frequency.

      Thanks for you comment. I am sure many people will benefit much from it. :)
      Joanne Cipressi recently posted..7 Simple Communication Tips for Romantic RelationshipsMy Profile

  4. Hi Joanne! For me it is OK to get hurt because it can help you in order to grow. I was once hurt myself but it leads me in learning different things that brings me to become more confident and mature in the decision I need to make. Thanks for sharing this inspirational article to your readers.
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