How to Trust after Being Betrayed

Being betrayed by someone that you loved and trusted tears apart your heart and leaves you wondering if you could ever trust that person again, and even others. The pain runs so deep that you may wonder if anyone could ever be loyal to you. I have had many clients express to me that they think they should just give up on dating because it will end in their partner cheating on them trust againanyway…so why take the risk? I have to admit that I felt this way before. This feeling is not easy in any way at all. It completely knocks your down in the area of love.

Like my clients and myself, we have moved on from the betrayal and learned to trust again. How did we do it? What are the steps I guided my clients through, as well as myself? I can’t detail every tip and demonstrate each step for you because this is what my clients pay me for, plus I worked really hard to put this program together to just give it away. But, I can share with you the outline for my 5 Steps to Loving Again after Betrayal:

1. First and foremost before you do anything else regarding a new relationship–You must bond with yourself. Bonding with yourself includes comforting yourself, valuing who you are, realizing your amazing worth and enjoying who you are.

2. Learn to trust yourself that you can handle whatever may ever come to you. If you can trust yourself completely, there is nothing to fear in love.

3. Learn to control your mind. Don’t allow your mind to go out of control. If this happens you will drive yourself insane with thoughts that just beat up your emotions. I am sure you can relate with this.

4. Realize there are no guarantees in anything with life, including love. In an ideal world, there would be. But, with being aware of the warning signs and patterns to look out for you have a better chance at finding that person who is loyal at heart.

5. Learn how to be an amazing partner. Learn how to be intimate, communicate, and be open with your partner. Whether you remain with the person that betrayed you or you find someone new, these are vital to a long, lasting and trustworthy relationship.

All of these steps are vital rebuilding the love and trust in a relationship or when you are looking for a new love after being betrayed. Now you know WHAT to do…the next question is HOW do you do these things if you never did them before?

My new e-Book 5 Steps to Loving Again after Betrayal will go through each step…step by step. ┬áHere is what the e-Book will include:

  • Step by step workbook teaching you and showing you how to bound with yourself again, how to realize your value, how to enjoy yourself, and how to respect yourself.
  • Step by step on how to trust yourself that you can handle any situation in your life.
  • Step by step on how to control your thoughts so they are not controlling you and driving you nuts!
  • The warnings and patterns of cheaters exposed! You dont want to fall into that trap again…so here is what to look for so you don’t!
  • Step by step guide teaching you how to be an amazing partner. How to communicate, be open and intimate with your partner or soon to be partner. When you have that kind of relationship, cheating is very rare.
  • Pages and pages of encouragements for when you feel like you may be hurting again. These are personal thoughts that got me through my tough times and continue to help my personal clients.
  • My own personal experiences with being betrayed and learning to build my trust and love up again. Some traumatic experiences that will completely encourage you. If I could love and trust again, you will know that you could too.

Learn to trust again now!

To yourself,
Joanne Cipressi, CHt, CNLP
Mind and Emotion Expert
Joanne is an Empowerment Coach specializing in amazing success, outstanding relationships, balanced emotional wellbeing, and fit bodies since 1998. She has a way of truly understanding and relating to the emotions and the mind of people and transforming their lives in career success, relationships, and in fitness. She partners with people one-on-one throughout the Philadelphia area including Newtown, Langhorne, Bensalem, Bristol, Levittown, Yardley, Bucks County, Montgomery County and New Jersey. She also works with people throughout the entire US via Phone, Skype or immersion weekend transformations. Joanne can be reached at 2672666480 or


  1. I can’t say I was betrayed. I once had a friend. And I saw him kissing the girl I really loved. He didn’t promise me anything and I wasn’t in relationship with that girl. It was my choice and my life. I think every experience is precious and I have no regrets at all!

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