Hike – Coach – Tone

Hike Coach Tone

Let’s move your body and retrain your mind so you can be both fit and successful at your goals!!! Yes, let’s do both together!!

Moving gets your body in shape and releases those awesome chemicals that make you feel better about life and yourself. Talking about your problems, making goals and brainstorming solutions, with a very experienced coach like me,  also make you feel better about life and yourself. When you put these two together — it’s pretty fabulous, as well as time saving and energizing. Afterwards you can feel like you can tackle anything.

hiking and coaching
Silver Lake Nature Trail

Growing up around the Poconos, I have been hiking since I was a young girl. It’s in my blood and it yearn to be surrounded by trees and chirping birds, passing a waterfall or a body of soothing water. When you are out in nature, you are better able to think more clearly without your usual distractions and able to get deeper within yourself. This helps greatly with retraining your emotional and mental states, as well as your body. It’s a win-win!

So, if you would rather take a hike and talk instead of sitting in an office or at a busy coffee shop, then this program is for you. Here are some options:

Get out of the city before or after work: Hike at places like Tyler State Park or Core Creek Park. Get exercise and have a coaching session at the same time. Sessions last about 1 and a half hours. $1500 for a 3 month package which includes 4 sessions each month. (Other packages are available for single sessions or if you want two or more sessions per week.)

Break from work session: Take a walk or hike at places like Kelly Drive, along the Schuylkill River, through Fairmont Park, or Spruce Street.  These coaching sessions can be done at lunch time or during a scheduled break from work every week. These last about an hour long. More or less as needed, of course. $1200 for a 3 month package which includes 4 sessions each month. (Other packages are available for single sessions or if you want two or more sessions per week.)

Half a day coaching immersion sessions: These are intense, get down and get your situation resolved and on track again sessions. Perfect for life changes,

hiking and life coaching
Neshaminy State Park trail

relationship struggles, or some type of overhaul. These typically happen at Tyler State Park, in the Poconos or some other agreed upon location. Definitely need to be a good shape prior to this hike. Pricing is determined when booked. 

Frequently Asked Questions:
1. Do you have fitness experience? Fitness has been a part of my life — for my whole life. I have hiked since I was a little girl, rock climbed since I was 18, worked with weights since I was 13 and have taught aerobics and fitness training. So, yes. 🙂

2. How long have you been a life coach? I have been a life coach for over 20 years — before coaching was popular and all of these generic coaching programs came into existence. 

3. Can you help me with my business goals? Absolutely. I specialize in startups (I own my own businesses.), communication, presence, focus, relationships and more! (With 20 years experience, I have covered almost all you would need.)

walking and life coaching4. Can you help me with my anxiety and depression? Of course. When I started coaching, fitness, anxiety, depression, self-esteem and addictions were my focus. So, I have helped hundreds of people overcome these concerns. Hiking is a great way to vent about your situation, as well as to rework how you think and feel to be who you would like to be. 

5. Can you help me with dating or repairing my current relationship? Definitely. Getting out in nature, you tend to be more open and honest. This helps me know you and what you need better. I have helped couples rekindle their relationships and have helped single people meet new partners — which has led me to attending some of their weddings!!! So, yes.

6. What if it rains? Well, that is up to you! I am not scared of getting wet. If you prefer to remain dry — we can make alternate plans or reschedule. It’s up to you! 

Want more information? Well, give me a call at 267-266-6480 or email me a joanne@joannecipressi.com.