High Profile Coaching

As a high profile person, you are faced with a lot of challenges. Stress can be higher, it is vital that your image is protected, often you are faced with situations that you are unsure how to handle, regret tends to be a factor, frustrations and self doubt can seep in, temptation is hard to handle, and so on.

Throughout the years I have worked with many high profile and extremely successful people throughout the United States. This includes politicians, entertainers and high powered business owners, CEOs and CFOs, as well as doctors, surgeons, and  lawyers. I am extremely confidential and respect your privacy.

With 20 years of coaching experience, I have helped people with all levels of stress, alcohol and drug abuse, mental and emotional concerns, weight loss, relationship issues, were in need of an image makeover or image renewing, and much much more!

To set up a private consultation with me, call me at 267-266-6480 or email me at joanne@joannecipressi.com

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