Expression of Appreciation to My Twitter Friends

I completely value the connections that I have made on Twitter.

I have been moved, inspired, encouraged, and energized by the interactions in those 140 characters shared daily.

So, I wanted to let all of my Twitter friends know how much I appreciate all of you by saying so in person on this little video:

twitter appreciation

Feel free to share your own video as well…actually I would love to see a few of you! :)

Much love and hugs!
Joanne Cipressi, CNLP
Empowerment Personal Coach and Speaker

About Joanne Cipressi

Joanne Cipressi is an empowerment coach and speaker who's life ambition is to encourage people that they are worthy of happiness and living the life they want. She has over 13 years experience in coaching people to overcome depression, addictions, low self esteem, trust issues and the effects of abuse and to develop the skills for great relationships, attracting and keeping clients/customers and balancing the mind and emotions.

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One Response to Expression of Appreciation to My Twitter Friends

  1. Wade October 18, 2011 at 5:06 am #

    Miss Joanne,

    You are so kind. Thank you for this sweet message. I’d like to believe that I was on your good side in this equation. Thank you also for all your words of power, encouragement, wisdom, and all round positivity. I know it must be taxing on your spirit as you give and give of yourself, not knowing if your words have reached a person in need. Thank you Miss Joanne, you have and continue to make a difference. You are an amazing lady and are very much appreciated. You are a voice of reason and understanding, and your words do help people, more than you could possibly know. Thank you for all the mediums that you reach the world through; Twitter, Face-Book, YouTube, your blog and the others. You are stretched so many different ways it’s remarkable that you are able to keep it all straight. Thank you sweet lady, I’ll leave you alone now, thank you for your time.

    I hope you have an beautiful day making wonderful memories with your girls.


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