Experience More Peace in Your Life

Today is my birthday and I am honored to have lived another year on this Earth. I feel that life is such an incredible gift that we are sharing together here and I truly do cherish this gift.

However, I did not always cherish life – instead I dreaded it.  Those days were not peaceful at all. Thankfully I learned how to appreciate life and now experience peace at a levels higher than I ever even dreamed of. My birthday wish is that everyone would experience this peace as well!

Every since I was a little kid, I wished that people would experience more peace and this desire is stronger today. I believe this will make for a kinder world with more successful and happier people. So, to go along with my birthday wish, I would like to give you a little birthday gift – a message that I hope would allow you to experience more peace in your life.

peace begins within youOne of the most important things that I like to teach my clients is how to experience more peace in their life. Whether a person comes to me for life coaching for business, coaching for dating, rekindling romance, coaching for overcoming fears, anger or addiction, coaching for weight loss or anything else, the one thing everyone experiences more of is peace. Peace, I have seen is one of the important keys to achieving a person’s goals.

It can be very obvious that we live in a world that experiences much discord and disharmony. Whenever we turn on the news, scroll through our Facebook or twitter walls we are reminded of how unsettling the world can be. Sometimes our personal lives present situations that are make feeling peaceful challenging. So, how can you feel more peaceful when there is chaotic and stressful situation surrounding you?

Peace begins with you. When you are at peace with yourself, it is much easier to feel peaceable in situations that may be stressful or discontenting. Here are some ways to allow peace to begin with you:

  • Let go of the past: When you are holding onto past resentments or regrets, it can be difficult to feel peaceful within. So learn to let go and move forward. Suggestion: Forgive others, as well as yourself. 
  • Release fear of the future: Being worried about what the future holds depletes peaceful feelings. Whether you are worried about a specific event, situation or a general concern about financial security. Solution: Instead of being worried, hope and plan. 
  • Eat a balanced healthy diet: When you are ingesting healthy food, you naturally feel better. The nutrients feed your cells and our organs operate better. When your body is healthy, it is easier to feel more at peace as you know you are taking care of your body and will have a lesser chance of becoming sick. Suggestion: Review your diet for a week and see where you can make small changes to begin with. Perhaps, replace junk food snacks with fruit, veggies or yogurt. 
  • Stop judging other people: When we look at others and put them down, we automatically let go of our peace. We enter a place of bitterness which releases acid and tension into our body. Suggestion: When we open our hearts and care about others with compassion and hope instead of judging them, peace lives within us. 
  • Quiet the noise: When we are constantly bombarded with noise and what is happening outside ourselves, we tend to get stressed. Some people can handle more noise than others – it depends on your upbringing, training and personality. But, we need some time in the quiet. What amount of time depends on your needs for centering and reconnecting with yourself. Suggestion: Make some time in the morning before you start your day and some time at the end of the day to be quiet with yourself. Even 5 minutes helps. 
  • Value your relationship with yourself: Sometimes we can be busy trying to impress others and pleasing other that we neglect who we are at the core and what matters to us. When we do this, we end up not feeling very peaceable within. Suggestion: Take time to be quiet with yourself and to listen to your thoughts. Make sure you are being true to you. 

Developing peace within yourself is one of the best gifts you can ever give yourself. It will allow you to enjoy life on a level greater than you ever experienced before. Your relationships will improve, your health will be better, and your journey will be more enjoyable. Practice these 6 tips and sign up for my newsletter to receive weekly tips that will help you experience more inner peace by retraining the way you think and feel.

As a life coach, one of the things that I help people learn is to experience more peace in their life. I would be happy to help you as well. With 20 years experience, I have worked with people of all types and journeys. This is my passion and what I love to do. I put my whole heart into it. To set up a session, please fill out the form below or call me directly at 267-266-6480.

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