Dreading Your Next Social Event? 5 Tips to Help with Social Anxiety

Are you dreading Your Next Social Event? Does your heart start palpitating faster as you are getting ready for a gathering? As youdreadingdrive up to where the event is taking place, do you start to overthink, sweat, feel a knot in your stomach, chest becomes tight and your mouth gets dry?

As an East Coast girl, I greatly appreciate the end of winter when the warm weather teases us a day here and a day there. I can feel the energy of fellow East Coasters brighten and liven up. You know what this means–more invites to social events for business, pleasure and family fun.

But, what if you really dread going to these social events, but you know they may actually be good for your personal life, your business, as well as your family? How do you get over your dread? Here are some helpful tips that have helped me out, as well as my clients:

  1. 1. Prepare beforehand. Mull over half a dozen topics that you are comfortable talking about. Are they your hobbies, travel, work, your children, food, health, entertainment, social media or something else.
  2. 2. Introduce yourself. It is the perfect way to break the ice and is the best opening line.
  3. 3. Have welcoming body language. Keep your arms unfolded. Keep your hands away from your face. May eye contact and smile.
  4. 4. Don’t plant yourself. Move around the room frequently.
  5. 5. Ask questions. Asking questions accomplish three things: 1. Keeps the pressure off of you. 2. Allows people to talk about what interests them most-themselves. 3. You can learn what you want to know that can help you in your own decision of who you wish to connect with on a more personal or business level.

Joanne Cipressi, CHt, CNLP
Joanne Cipressi is an empowerment transformation coach that is an expert in re-programming mind and emotion patterns for self-esteem, healthy relationships, career success, and vibrant health. She is located in Bucks County and coaches one-on-one in the entire Philadelphia area, as well as nationally via Skype and Phone. She travels as well. She offers hourly one-on-one sessions, 4 and 8 hour transformational sessions, weekend immersions sessions for dramatic life changes, as well as others programs. Contact her at 267-266-6480 to feel great about your life.

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