Does Anyone Believe in You?

When someone believes in you, it moves your heart.

When someone believes in your word and trusts your intentions, it deeply touches your soul.

When someone believes in you, you can see it in their eyes, in their words, in their silence, in the way they hug you, in how they smile at you, and also in how often they retweet you. It feels so good.

Sometimes others may believe in you more than you believe in yourself. This is very empowering.

However, many people have a very, very hard time believing in others.

When there is so much corruption, lies, thievery, and deception, it is often challenging to find someone to believe in–and sometimes it is even tough to believe in someone that is very close to you because of all the times you may have been let down before.

We need the FDA and other organizations to monitor our food supply for quality and safety, because we don’t believe in the manufacturers enough to be honest and loving in their preparations.

We have been deceived and betrayed by the government and many police officers who are suppose to be there to care and look out for our best interest and not their own. We are unsure if we can believe in them any longer.

We see the news everyday where people are doing horrendous actions to other people.

We read newsletters from professionals that we once respected that read something like, “I wanted you to be the first person to know that I am launching this program…” or “my new site is launching so….but don’t tell anyone yet!” Yet, on their Facebook page with over 4000 followers and their Twitter page is covered with these announcements. Therefore, we lose belief in the genuineness of this person…and others as a result.

Those close to us may have let us down in hurtful ways, like name calling, being abusive physically, mentally and sexually, talking behind our back to others, lying to our face, or in some other mean and careless manners.

We may have let ourselves down as well by calling ourselves names, hiding our true self, hurting another that we love, or some other action.


We lock our doors and our cars because we don’t believe in others.

We lock our hearts because we don’t believe someone can truly care for it and wont tear it up in pieces.

We hide our true selves because we don’t believe that others will honor us or we don’t completely believe in ourselves….mostly likely, though, it is both.

We fight with ourselves and others carrying around all this armor and ammunition…all because we don’t believe in anyone anymore.

So, when we are finally believed in by another person, this is very special. People have so many reasons why they don’t believe in others, yet they if they find it within themselves to believe in you…that is something to be cherished and something to be thankful for.

Is there someone in your life that you believe in? If so, let them know. Write them a letter, tell them, show them and let them know you appreciate that they do. And, above all….make sure you continue to be a source of them to have trust in.

People NEED to have people they can trust these days. People need to see that there are some people in this world that will treat others with honor and respect. People need to know that there are others that are truthful and loyal. When we KNOW that this is true, it is easier for us to put down our walls and open our hearts.

This song really touched me when I heard it for the first time a few weeks ago. To me, it brings home how amazing it feels when others truly believe in us. It feels really great…especially because it is often hard for many people to believe in others.

So when someone believes in you it truly is special, so cherish it, honor it, respect it, embrace it, and give them more reasons to believe in you. 

The lyrics are included in the video, so I did not write them out today. Enjoy!!


If you need help in learning to believe in others, or in becoming a person that is worthy of being believed…reach out to me. I know, personally, that it is challenging to believe in others. But, believing in others is often more than believing in them…it has a LOT to do with believing in your own self. Fill out my free consultation form and I will contact you.

Your Turn:
Do you find it difficult to believe in others? Is there anyone that you believe in?  


  1. Cindy

    To believe in somebody is absolutely one of the most important things for me. My parents and my son are the only ones who always believed in me and that’s what gives me power on the days Im down…
    Cindy recently posted..Fear of the dentistMy Profile

    • Hello Cindy. Believing in someone is so important. Life can be so lonely for many people if they feel like they can trust in someone. I am glad that you have great parents and a son that believed in you. You are blessed to have them in your life. Hope you have a great week. :)

  2. Beautiful post Joanne!

    I can well understand about belief and trust and how tough it is to find them in people, especially nowadays with the world nearly turning upside down regarding everything :)

    Coincidentally, I just posted a post about my dad and all the lessons I learnt from him- showing my love, trust, and faith I have in him. I wanted him to know about it not after he is gone, but well before time.

    I guess we should reach out and tell the people who mean the most to us, or those whom we trust and have faith in- right away, before its too late.

    Thanks for the wonderful reminder :)
    Harleena Singh@Freelance Writer recently posted..My Father, My PrideMy Profile

    • Harleena,

      So nice to see you here. I just had to go and read your post before I replied to you here. I am so glad I did. Wow. I can see how much you truly cherish your father and I can clearly see why. I am so touched by your love and care for your father. Your relationship is an example of what I wish to see more of in our world.

      It is really great that you are able to express your appreciation for him now while he is still here. :) That is exactly what I was writing about here. I hope many people read your post and are inspired to reach out to someone they believe in and cherish…and let them know that they do.
      Joanne Cipressi recently posted..Does Anyone Believe in You?My Profile

  3. I believe in you, Joanne. I believe in many wonderful people and have hope for the others. And I know that you believe in me because you have moved me with your kindness and faith.

    Faith in others and in yourself is powerful. I agree, it is not always easy for some people to trust. I used to be that way. But now I know that it’s worth the hurt to take a chance and open your heart to possibility.

    And you’re right! It is so important to take the time to honour yourself and others with appreciation. Gratitude is a wonderful gift!

    Thank you for your thoughtful post!

    • Shelley,

      I appreciate your visiting me on my site…and your lovely comment. Thank you for believing in me…I really does warm my heart to know that you do. And, you are right…I do believe in you as well. You have an amazing heart and mind that has so much to offer others, as well as yourself. I look forward to you sharing more of it. :)

      Yes, opening our heart is completely worth it…even if we get hurt. I truly know this…and I have been betrayed and hurt over and over again. But, I refuse to let anyone else have the power over me to close my heart. No way. Loving, trusting and believing in others can transform a person as some people just want to be believed in and loved….and may not have ever learned how to yet. It is so lovely to watch them learn.

      May you continue to honor yourself and appreciate all that you are. Hugs!
      Joanne Cipressi recently posted..Does Anyone Believe in You?My Profile

  4. It depends. If they think that they can believe you, then it will! To believe someone, you need to be trusted and know how to keep secrets. In that case, you will be able to be trusted by others as well!
    TracyAnn0312 recently posted..חכמת הקבלהMy Profile

    • Hello TracyAnn! Nice to see you again. Many people deserve to be trusted. But, because some have been hurt they find it hard to even trust those that do keep secrets and are trustworthy. It is such a relief to finally let go of that hurt and trust again. When we trust ourselves it is easier to trust others–even if there is a chance at being hurt.

      Hope your 2012 is better than it was last week. :)
      Joanne Cipressi recently posted..Does Anyone Believe in You?My Profile

      • I will agree to you Joanne. Being hurt can make us trustworthy! But one thing we need and not forget to trust is the Lord! Maybe there are reasons why he did us to be hurt and trust another person again!
        TracyAnn0312 recently posted..אילוף גוריםMy Profile

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