Inspiring Through Social Media-Interview with Paul Wright

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of interviewing Paul Wright on #InspireChat on twitter. Paul, whose twitter handle is @lkthroughsocial  is passionate about linking people and businesses through social media. I met him on Twitter while he was participating in a few different twitterchats. He captured my attention because of his generous and outgoing nature. I could

Social Media Statistics that Deliver Good News for Small Businesses

Social Media is Here to Stay! Yes, social media is not going away anytime soon and that is good news for your business! As you can see by the graph below (created by Ben Foster), Facebook users continue to rise by the millions every year–with over 200 MILLION this year alone! Some more outstanding social

What’s all the Buzz about Facebook and Twitter?

  Are you finally ready to jump in and see what all the buzz is about? Facebook? Twitter? How can they help with your business, with your new product or with your launching your new book or album? Join my class: What’s all the Buzz about Facebook and Twitter-Getting You Started (registration is below): Wednesday, July

Twitter: Don’t Always Listen to the “Experts” | It Does Work

I recently attended a convention in Las Vegas to learn some cutting edge information and techniques. There was an abundance of amazing that I could barely wait to share with my business clients.  Every speaker was knowledgeable and had so much to offer–except for one so-called Social Media Expert. Being a person deeply involved in

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