Ask Joanne: How to Rebuild and Enhance Intuition

Dear Joanne,

I am hoping that you can help me. I am trying to rebuild my intuition. I lost it after I was raped by a relative a year ago. I have been intuitive ever since I was a little girl and my intuition became stronger throughout the years. But, when he raped me, I lost everything. I no longer trust myself nor others and my intuition, which was always there for me, is completely gone. I know this may sound strange, but could another person take away your intuition?  How can I get my intuition back?

I was referred to your site through a friend who suggested that I talk with you. So, here I am writing. Can you help me?


Dear Karen,

When I received your letter, I was able to relate with you completely. After my abuse, I also had a hard time trusting my intuition and recognizing it. My world seemed foreign and I shifted inside for a time.

Why Your Intuition May Have Been “Lost”

What I have learned, from myself and others, is that if our emotional state is out of balance, our intuition may not be recognized because our intuition is most acknowledged from a calm and grounded place.

You also mentioned that you are not trusting yourself and others, which is completely understandable. This can interfere with your ability to trust your intuition as well. This can be partly because you trusted a person that betrayed you and now you may be doubting yourself.

I would assume that you are also having control issues as well. That is a natural pattern that comes with losing trust. We often feel as if we must be in control so that another person does not take advantage of us. I went through this as well. Its a tough place to be.

When we are trying to be in control, we create tension and conflict within ourselves. This conflict and tension prohibit the natural flow within you which affects your intuition messages.

How to Get Back Your Intuition Again and Enhance It

Here are some suggestions that have helped me and my clients, and should be able to get you back to yourself so you can get your intuition back:

  • Face and accept the abuse. Since your intuition faded with the abuse and is still “gone”, I would assume that you have not truly faced what happened to you and accepted it. Once you accepted it, it is easier to move on and to started renewing yourself. If you are running from what happened or replaying it in disbelief, you have not truly accepted it.
  • Clear Your Mind. Use techniques that are known to clear your mind like meditation, yoga, self talk, hypnosis, orincrease intuition EFT. When your mind is clear, you are able to freely receive messages. Clearing your mind, will also help reinforce that you trust yourself again.
  • Find Your Signals Again. We all have our unique signals. What were yours? Chills up your spine? Actual visions? A pit in your stomach? A feel good, upbeat feeling? Experiment with situations and test your signals again. Pay attention to what shifts happen.
  • Learn to Be in the Moment. When you are in the moment, you obviously are not worrying about the future, nor regretting or resenting the past. This is freeing to your mind and aids greatly in getting your intuition back.
  • Remind Yourself that You Are Part the Universe and Not Separate. After abuse, many people tend to isolate themselves and separate themselves from others and the wonders of the world. This blocks the flow as well. So, remind yourself that you are a part of it physically and spiritually.

I wish you best on your journey. Practice the above suggestions. These may be need to be done several times in order to see results. Some people see their intuition working right away while others need more time. Please be patient with yourself.
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With Love,
Joanne Cipressi, CHt, CNLP
Empowerment Personal Coach
Joanne is a heart based coach and mentor that is passionate about guiding people to develop love and trust within themselves and with others. She works with mind and emotion patterns, intuition, energy vibrations, NLP, and other skills to dramatically transform. She is a motivational speaker,  holds group healings, offers full day immersion coaching to new clients and coaching packages to referrals. Contact her at 267-266-6480 or through


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