After Abuse Healing

After Abuse Healing

How to live after abuse

The Affects of Abuse

Abuse of any sort, sexual, emotional, mental or physical, all affect the people involved…the victim, the abuser and the people thatsadness love them. Abuse is a sad and horrible thing all around. So many people become hurt as a result, especially the victim, which is who I am focusing on here.

Being a person who experienced all forms of abuse, I know very well that after a person is abused, their emotional and mental state change. They often lose trust in others, their relationships change, their relationship with themselves change and life, in general, seems much different.

Abuse is unnatural and is not suppose to be a part of life. So, when a person is abused, he or she reacts in ways to protect them from suffering – some are conscious while others are subconscious. Often though, these reactions end up being self-abusive.

Each person reacts differently to abuse. Some people become isolated, some become outraged and angry, some become abusers, others become quietly destructive, etc. Here are some of the personality, emotional, physical, and mental concerns that happen to some after abuse:

  • –Fear of the dark
  • –Fear of sleeping alone
  • –Nightmares, night terrors
  • –Difficulty with swallowing, gagging
  • –Eating disorders
  • –Low self-worth
  • –Poor body image which can cause weight issues/obsessions
  • –Poor self-image in general
  • –Extreme clothing changes-either excessive clothing or provocative
  • –Addictions
  • –Compulsive behaviors
  • –Obsessions
  • –Self-abuse, skin-carving
  • –Suicidal thoughts and actions
  • –Phobias
  • –Panic attacks and anxiety disorders
  • –Difficulties with anger/rage
  • –Trust issues with trust
  • –Intimacy and relationship issues
  • –Issues with boundaries, control, abandonment
  • –Isolation
  • –Pattern of re-victimization
  • –Not being able to say “no”
  • –Blocking of memories
  • –Self-doubt
  • –Feeling crazy
  • –Feeling different or damaged
  • –Being in denial
  • –Experience flashbacks
  • –Sexual issues and extremes
  • –Multiple personalities
  • –Post-traumatic stress disorder

Relearning to Live After Abuse

Whether you are abused as a child or as an adult…or even both, like I was, healing is needed. In addition to healing, victims need to learn how to live again.  After my abuses, I had to learn so much to move on from victim and survival to a thriving, loving and compassionate adult. Maybe you can relate with some of what I had to learn:

  • –How to trust
  • –How to love
  • –How to forgive
  • –How to believe in others
  • –How to feel worthy
  • –How to build relationships
  • –How to move on
  • –How to stop thinking over and over again
  • –How to live in the moment
  • –How to stop being mad
  • –How to communicate
  • –How to remove self-doubt and build confidence
  • –How to help others

These things are all the things that I pass on to my clients so they can learn to live again. Once a person learns how to live again, their life blossoms, relationships improve and life makes sense again.

When you are ready to live again in a life that you enjoy, I am here to help you. I am dedicated to passionately, compassionately, and lovingly helping people heal from their abuse and to learn to truly love their life again. Simply fill out the form on the side and I will contact you within 24 hours. You may also call me directly at 267-266-6480.

I am not a Clinical Psychologist instead I am a Personal Coach that is certified and trained in Humanistic Nuero-Linquistic Psychology, NLP, Time Line Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Hypnotherapy, Age Regression Therapy, Reiki, and other modalities. In addition, I have true experience in personally healing from abuse as I have been a victim over and over again throughout my life and I have helped hundreds of people heal their pain and learn to thrive again.

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