A Quick Pick Me Up – The Sweet Energy Booster!

Ever peel an orange and catch the scent of the aroma? If you pause for a moment, you can feel yourself refreshing and your energy lifting. It’s one of my favorite ways to feel a little more stimulated during my day. However, peeling an orange is not always doable! But having a little bottle of Orange Essential Oil on hand is!

Orange Essential Oil EnergizingI love to recommend to my clients this quick pick me up! If you are feeling a bit sluggish from sitting at you desk all day or you are feeling over-stressed from an overbearing meeting and you tired of drinking more coffee or tea, then having a little bottle of Orange Essential Oil at your desk is one of the most convenient ways to offer yourself a little boost. Here are few days to use this oil:

  1. Simply open up the bottle and gently inhale the sweet aroma. Ahhh – refreshing!
  2. Use a diffuser in your room and feel a bit more cheerful throughout the day.
  3. Place a few drops on air vents to feel a better vibe.
  4. Put 4 ounces of water and 24 drops of oil into a spray bottle. Spray your work area for mood lifting.
  5. Place a few drops into your hand cream and rub it in. Smelling your hands will give you a little pick me up.

The best part of this tip is that this essential oil is under $5 and will last for months! You can order my one of my favorite brands right from Amazon using this link – Orange Essential Oil.