5 Common First Date Fears

Does going on a first date make you nervous? Do you have fears about first dates? You are not alone if you do. Most people do. Here are some of the common first date fears that my clients present to me that you may be able to relate with:

  1. “I am not good looking enough.” First impressions matter, right? We all know that is true. And, well your appearance is the first thing your date sees and judges you by. So, of course you want to be concerned about your looks. But, being overly concerned that it interrupts the enjoyment or makes your look nervous can ensure that there is not a second date. Tip: Learn to accept your looks and how to bring out your best qualities.
  2. “I don’t know what to talk about.” This is one of the biggest concerns that I hear from clients. They ask, “What can I talk about?” or “What should I not talk about?” They worry before they even meet their date about conversations. Tip: I say talk about what you love, about what you are passionate about. This is how you will know if you have similar interests. 
  3. dating coach philadelphia, first date kiss“Will he/she like me?” We all desire to be liked especially when on a date. But, worrying about whether you are liked or not will not change the fact that they either will like you or not. In fact, if enter the date with a fear of not being liked, that energy can be felt and it usually does not end up well. Tip: You should be more concerned if you are going to like your date or not. If you are so preoccupied if your date will like you, you may not really get to know your date enough to see if you like them. 
  4. “Should I kiss my date?” I have been asked over and over again, “Should I kiss her?” Tip: Don’t even think about this until you decide if you really want to kiss her or not. Then, if you do, if there are clear signs, then kiss. If there are not clear signs, I think it’s best to ask her first. 
  5. What should I wear?” Again, first impressions are important. So, of course you want to make sure you are dressed appropriately. Tip: Wear what makes you feel good, what’s appropriate for the date, make sure it’s ironed, is clean and smells fresh. If you need help with your wardrobe, call me and I can help prepare you. 

There are so many other fears that people experience on a first date, a second date and so on! I hope these quick tips help you a little.

As your dating coach, Joanne Cipressi can help you overcome these fears and date with more confidence. If you are a single and looking for love, I can help you prepare for your first date, offer date suggestions, do wardrobe makeovers, do hair/makeup makeovers, share communication tips, overcome fears, work through anxiety, and much, much more! I help singles in the Philadelphia, NYC, and Bucks County areas. If you are in another location, we can set up Skype or Phone sessions. Call me at 267-266-6480 or send me an email at joanne@joannecipressi.com.

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