10 Wonderful Benefits of Silence

benefits of silenceSilence is a beautiful gift that is offered to us. Physical silence, as well as mental silence enhance the quality of our life in so many amazing ways. Here are some benefits that I have personally experienced from silence that have also been confirmed by my some of my meditation and Reiki clients.
Silence opens our heart and our mind, so we can hear our soul speak to us. This, to me, is the greatest benefit that comes from silence.
When we listen to our soul speak, we experience an inner peace that remains pure even if our external world does not appear to be at peace.
When we listen to our soul speak, we are guided to what aligns with heart and our trust for the process of our journey is heightened.
This silence offers up self-discovery at a higher level than we experienced before.
Silence enhances our creativity beyond our wildest imagination. I have personally experienced this with my movie script writing and poetry. Amazing are the gifts that silence offers.

Silence enhances our communication with others on a deeper level. Did you ever sit with others and dread the silence? This silence together is actually an amazing bonding experience. We exchange much more than words when we are together. Our hearts, soul and energy interacts. Experience this and be amazed!

With all the noise in our world, silence is a chance for us to recharge our mind. Try meditating.

Silence enhances your ability to be more united with your emotions. They are more able to flow freely in silence. Feel and allow to flow.

People have claimed that silence also have many physical benefits like lowering blood sugar, boosting immune system, hormone regulating, and reducing pain, as well as lowering stress levels. I can not prove these claims scientifically as I am not a scientist. However, I personal have experienced less stress levels, immune boosting effects, pain elimination and so many other wonderful physical benefits from silencing my space and my thoughts.

Silence offers a deep bonding with the universe. Being silent in nature and simply embracing your moments spent with it, you evolve as a person on such a deep level that you feel as if you are one with all.

Silence is now natural for me because I have practiced and practiced living in silence. But, it was not always easy being silent without music playing or some other distraction to occupy my mind. The journey of my retraining was amazing and so rewarding. I would like to share some of my tips to embracing the silence in my next blog. So make sure you either subscribe to my blog or come back for these tips.

How about you? Have you experience some amazing benefits from silence? Please share below and spread your wisdom with us!

Much love and peace to you!
Joanne Cipressi, CHt, CNLP
Empowerment Coach, Speaker and Reiki Master
If you wish to learn to embrace silence to enhance your relationships and the quality of your life, I am only a phone call away for you to begin your journey. :)


  1. I just realize that a complete ultimate silence doesn’t exist) What you are in a peaceful quiet place, there is only one sound – a sound of your thoughts – one of the best sounds in the world if you’re a good smart person, and one of the worst awful ones, if you are purely evil, criminal or smth. like that..

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