#InspireChat – Taking Personal Responsibility for Your Life

When you finally realize that you are responsible for your own life, which includes being responsible for your thoughts, emotions, actions and choices, your life can shift dramatically. The way you think, feel, act and the choices your make change. When you stop blaming others for the way your life is and realize that your [...]

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being true to yourself

#InspireChat Being True to Yourself

Being true to yourself is absolutely empowering. When you are true to  the core person that you are, you can accomplish some pretty amazing things in your life. These pretty amazing things include what most of us really want to have: healthy relationships financial success vibrant health positive attitude fit body lots of energy a [...]

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#InspireChat – Dealing with Disappointment

I hear from people all the time that life is disappointing. Their experiences are disappointing. Their friends disappoint them. Their family disappoint them. The news is disappointing. The law is disappointing. I could go on and on, but I think I can stop there. I am sure that you can also think of what is [...]

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fear of the future

#InspireChat – Releasing the Fear of the Future

The last two weeks were the first two weeks of #inspirechat being live again! First we focused on Embracing the Present which was followed by Letting Go of the Past. On Monday, we are going to be chatting about Releasing the Fear of the Future to wrap up this topic before moving onto deeper chats. [...]

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#InspireChat – Letting Go of the Past

Our chat last week was about embracing the present moment. So, this week’s chat is going to branch off of that – Letting Go of the Past. Learning to embrace the present often involves that people learn to let go of the past. Letting go of the past has so many benefits that can improve [...]

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