Stop Letting Regret Hold You Back from Moving Forward

“Don’t let the past steal your present.”  –Terri Guillemets Good and simple advice from Terri. That is exactly what regret accomplishes. Dwelling on regret is poison in my opinion. Regret keeps you trapped in the past. Regret keeps you dwelling on what no longer exists — on what has already passed. Sure the consequences of [...]

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Insightful Questions about Making and Keeping Valuable Commitments

When we make a commitment, we are giving our word that we will do or not do something to another person or too ourselves. Keeping commitments that we make is vital to relationship building, whether it’s a personal or professional commitment. When we keep our commitments, we build trust in our relationships. However, when we [...]

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Learn to Enjoy Your Life More

“Life is to be enjoyed, not endured.” ~ Gordon Hinckley Have you reflected on your own life and how you feel and think about it? How you feel and think about your life truly matters. How you feel affects what you do, say, how you sleep, your relationships, and the choices you make each second. [...]

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Retraining Your Mind to Embrace the Silence

Does silence drive you crazy? Are you one of thousands of people who feel the need to fill the silence? Do you tend to feel awkward when there is silence when you are with others? This feeling of not being comfortable in silence is due to your own personal training of your mind and emotions. [...]

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benefits of silence

10 Wonderful Benefits of Silence

Silence is a beautiful gift that is offered to us. Physical silence, as well as mental silence enhance the quality of our life in so many amazing ways. Here are some benefits that I have personally experienced from silence that have also been confirmed by my some of my meditation and Reiki clients. Silence opens [...]

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